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Turn your Amex rewards into luxury travel

We help travellers with 1 million+ reward points fly business class for a fraction of the cost of the full fare

book with points and save thousands

Business and first class seats typically cost between $10,000 and $25,000. We can help you get the same seat for around $600.

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Welcome to The Well Connected Traveller


Where we believe that travel is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about getting there in style.

We have spent the last 15 years perfecting the art of booking reward flight seats and travel experiences for our clients.

Bring your sense of adventure and get ready to escape the everyday, because every destination is a story waiting to be written.

Jodie Land
Jodie Land, Director

The Well Connected Traveller difference

Booking reward flights with The Well Connected Traveller gives you access to:

The best value points booking service in Australia

A full service travel agency and concierge service

Luxury properties, hotels, cruises and tours

Over 10+ years of reward travel experience

Travel advice and insights from our team of travel experts

Booking is easy


Step 1

Tell us about your travel plans.


Step 2

We get to work researching the best travel options for you.


Step 3

Confirm your preferences and leave the details to us.


Step 4

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

Our fees are simple

Domestic Points Booking

$165 per person

International Points Booking

Your choice of Success Fee or Research Fee + Booking Fee

$995 Success Fee (ongoing search per request)

$225 Research Fee (one comprehensive search per request)

$375 Booking Fee per person

*Prices exclude GST. T&Cs apply.

Popular Rewards Destinations

Sydney - London

Qantas Business Class Return
From 289,200 reward points + tax

Sydney - Honolulu

Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Return
From 260,000 reward points + tax

Perth - Rome

Emirates Business Class Return
From 355,000 reward points + tax

Melbourne - Paris

Qatar Business Class Return
From 260,000 reward points + tax

Perth - Singapore

Singapore Airlines Business Class Return
From 130,000 reward points + tax

Sydney - Tokyo

Qantas Business Class Return
From 164,000 reward points + tax

Frequently asked questions

Can you guarantee you will find me a seat?

Points bookings are complex. We always do our very best to find you the points seats you want. However, it may not always be possible as reward seats depend on what airlines make available. We can guarantee that we will explore all available options for you, ensuring you will not miss out if reward seats are available.

What if I don’t have enough points?

If you don’t have enough points for your booking, you may combine points with a paid portion of the ticket. We will provide you with those options as part of our research.

Do you only do points bookings?

Absolutely not! While we are points booking specialists, we are also a fully licensed travel agency. We can book paid fares as well as hotels, tours, luxury properties and more.

Our full schedule of services and fees is available at www.twct.com.au/fees

Why do you charge a research fee?

Finding reward seats is a complicated and time-consuming process, and the research fee covers the time our consultants need to research your travel options and present you with the two best options for your requested travel dates.

How long will it take to get back to me?

We aim to provide travel options within 48 hours of your request.

Are points tickets refundable

Yes points and taxes are refundable and they are returned to the airline account.  Some airlines will charge a cancellation fee but this is minimal.

Can you change a points ticket?

Yes you can change a points ticket but it is often difficult due to availability.

What can I do to improve my chances of getting a seat?

  1. Plan in Advance: Plan your trip well in advance, preferably 9-12 months before your intended travel date. Airlines typically release reward seats for booking around this time.
  2. Flexible Dates: Be flexible with your travel dates. If you can adjust your schedule by a day or two, you’ll have a better chance of finding available reward seats.
  3. Elite Status: In a frequent flyer program, achieving elite status can increase your chances of accessing reward seats. Elite members often get priority access to available award space.
  4. Book During Off-Peak Times: Consider travelling during off-peak seasons or mid-week days when there may be more availability.
  5. Consider Partner Airlines: Look into partner airlines within the same alliance or codeshare agreements. They may have different award seat availability.

What happens if you can’t find flights on the days I want to travel?

If we are unable to find points seats on the requested travel dates, we will offer two alternatives as close to the dates requested as possible. If no points seats are available, we will provide you with two paid ticket options.

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