How We Book With Points

Airlines can make booking with points complicated. All the fine print, transfer times, logins, conditions and additional fees can make getting what you want a struggle – especially when you’re unfamiliar with the process.

We make it simple

The points experts at The Well Connected Traveller know exactly how to leverage your reward points balance to get you the best options and best upgrades so you can travel your way, all at a fraction of the regular cost.

Ready to redeem your travel rewards?

We’re trusted by a high profile network of business clientele to manage their huge volume of rewards. Let us manage your reward points to book your travel.

Save time

Save money

Receive VIP treatment

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Our Strategy

“Points on your Amex should be treated like cash.”

To book with points, we compare the value of frequent flyer tickets to paid tickets to ensure you are always selecting the most cost effective option. With our comprehensive knowledge, years of experience and VIP connections, we book your trip using your chosen points rewards system, combining benefits and seeking out opportunities you might not know exist.

We can even combine rewards from different programs to get you more value.

And we offer first class solutions by advising on;

  • Aircraft type – travel on the newest fleets in the sky!
  • Preferred seats
  • Ideal route options

Whenever there are clever, less obvious ways to get you from A to B, our agents know how to find them.

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“Our partners at The Well Connected Traveller are experts in helping our customers get the best value out of their points, and in addition, they are full service travel agents who are able to assist you and your team with all your travel needs.”

Real clients, real savings

Cancun beach

A client flew his family to Club Med in Cancun

Our client wanted to fly his family to Club Med in Mexico using his 1 million Qantas points but could not find any flight availability.  We asked him what level he was with Qantas and when we found out he was at Platinum level, we advised that this opened up a whole new availability of points. For a total 640,000 Qantas points / taxes $3200 / fees $765.00 ( for 4 adults) we flew the whole family to Los Angeles and then purchased additional flights to Cancun, Mexico.

Regular paid fares value: $32,000 (based on business class fare at time of booking)

Client’s fare with points: $3,965 (taxes + TWCT booking fee)

Total mileage points used: 640,000

Client saved: $28,035


A client took his family on a ski holiday to Japan

Our client was interested in a January ski holiday in Japan and hoped to use his points to book tickets for 4 people. We were able to combine his Singapore Airlines, Kris flyer miles and Asia Miles with an addition of $1,700 in taxes and $660 in fees to book their flights. The holiday was finished with 6 nights at Hyatt House and 5 days in Tokyo.

Regular paid fare value: $22,000 (business class fare at time of booking)

Client’s fare with points: $2,360 (taxes + TWCT booking fee)

Total mileage points used: 420,000

Client saved: $19,640


A client took her family to Sardinia and chartered a super yacht

Our client requested a European holiday for 8 people.  We managed to use Emirates points to secure the flight over and Singapore airlines Kris flyer miles for the flight home. Total taxes were $3,700 and fees of $165 x 8.  The family then flew to Sardinia and chartered a super yacht and used their Helloworld points to pay for the accommodation and yacht.

Regular paid fare value: $64,000 (business class fare at time of booking)

Client’s fare with points: $5,020 (taxes + TWCT booking fee)

Total mileage points: 2,100,000

Client saved: $58,980

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