Schedule of Fees

Our current schedule of fees and fee descriptions are listed below. Prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Points Bookings



Research Fee (Points Intl. only)

per request


International Flights (Points)

per person


Domestic Flights (Points)

per person


Paid Ticket Bookings



Domestic Flight (Paid)

per person


International Flights (Paid)

per person


Additional Services



Ancillary Booking Services

per item


After-hours booking surcharge

per request


Cancellation / Amendments

per person


Frequent Flyer Support

per enquiry


Personalised Planning Service

per hour


Visa / Mastercard / American Express


1.8% of trip value


Description of fees 

Points and Non-Points Bookings Fees

  • The fee is inclusive of flight booking, seat allocation, meal choice, frequent flyer entry, passport information, and transfers where applicable. 
  • Based on a return trip with one airline.
  • If more than one airline is selected, an additional booking fee will be incurred.

Research Fee per Request

  • We will provide the two best available points options as close as possible to the nominated travel dates.
  • The research fee is only applicable for frequent flyer bookings.
  • The fee is payable prior to the commencement of research.
  • Should we be unable to find point options, we will provide two paid alternatives.
  • Quotes are valid for immediate purchase only.
  • If the flights offered are no longer available at the time of the client booking being received, a new research fee will be applicable to find alternative flights.

Ancillary Booking Services

  • Additional booking includes hotels, cars, transfers, rail booking, experiences, chauffers, tours, shows, restaurant bookings etc.

Personalised Planning Service

  • Fully personalised trip planning service for clients who want the best of everything.

Frequent Flyer Support

  • Frequent flyer support includes enrolments, point transfers, platinum requests, status updates and points enquiries.

Cancellation and Amendments

  • Fee charged for amendments to bookings.
  • Any additional costs incurred as a result of cancellations or amendments will be passed onto the client


Terms & Conditions

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