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How do you find reward seats?

Our travel consultant receives your journey specifications and then analyses your existing rewards balances. We search flight networks daily to find you the perfect travel arrangement, then we compare the value of frequent flyer tickets to paid tickets to ensure you are using the most cost effective option. We also make it easy to secure seats while you consider the options we present you for consideration.

How do you charge?

For our points redemption flight booking services, we charge a flat rate per booking, per person (capped at 4 persons in the event that you’re booking for a large family.) This includes:

  • Our comprehensive research on best rates for your departure date
  • Advice on airline booking conditions and cancellation penalties
  • Management of the booking until your time of travel

For more information including accommodation only charges, extensive travel itinerary research or event planning, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you our Schedule of Fees.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by direct deposit and all major credit cards. Credit card payments incur a 1.8% fee.

Can I use my rewards to upgrade a paid ticket?

Emirates and Qantas both have excellent systems to use upgrade miles on paid tickets.  Our regular booking fees apply for this type of service.

What are airline taxes and fees, and why do I have to pay them on my free award ticket?

Airline taxes and fees are applicable on any airline ticket and cover things like government imposed taxes, baggage handling fees, security surcharges and fuel surcharges. Some carriers like Virgin include the taxes and fees as part of their points redemption, but most carriers charge this as an additional fee and not part of advertised ticket prices.

What happens if my plans change?

We are able to make changes to your bookings made with points. Remember, points are like currency so there is no need to worry that you’re “locked in” just because you booked with points. We charge an administration fee for any changes or cancellations you wish to make should your plans change. We can also arrange travel insurance for you so you can have complete peace of mind throughout your trip.

Why couldn’t I do this myself?

The answer is, you could! Booking a flight using points on your own is possible. But the truth is, you will never know if you used more points (that’s more money) than you really had to. It also requires significant amounts of time and research to seek out and book the ideal flight. When you factor all of this in, it can amount to potentially huge losses of both your time and money. It takes experience to know where to look across different airlines, all of which have separate points programs. Our experienced agents know exactly where to begin looking for the best value flights based on your desired travel outcomes.

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