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We get it. It’s lots of fun to browse the web for luxury properties and hotels.   You envision yourself waking up in a gorgeous king-sized hotel bed to the gentle rustle of palm trees in the breeze, or sipping cocktails half-submerged in the infinity pool watching the sun set over the bay. Then you find that perfect property that really wows, and it’s tempting to click ‘book now’ right then and there.   But did you know that by booking accommodation this way – separate from the rest of your journey, that is – you could be doing yourself a great disservice? One that may cost you much more time and money in the end.  

The Well Connected Traveller can book your Queensland Whitsundays vacation, including flights and luxury accommodation on Hamilton Island, using your reward points. Our travel consultants are specially trained to book luxury resorts on Hamilton Island with Amex Frequent Flyer points and points from other reward programs, combining them in ways you may have never thought possible to get you the most value.

Australian travellers are finally feeling emboldened enough to venture out again. Location tracing has helped manage Coronavirus outbreaks, and vaccinations are gradually being rolled out across the country. Now, as the threat of infection and lockdowns lessen, Aussies are starting to hit the road, sky and sea again in the hopes of quenching their thirst for adventure, luxury and R&R.

It’s finally happening! As COVID-19 vaccinations are being rolled out around the world and border restrictions are easing, your dreams of travel are inching closer to reality.   Of course travel will be different than it was pre-Coronavirus, and the possibility of last minute flight, border and quarantine changes will loom over us. However, if you’re someone who is just itching to get on a plane the second the green light is given, it’s easy to access a not-so-secret weapon that will help reduce the potential time-based and financial risks involved in booking travel in 2021; simply hire a travel advisor.  

Travel in luxury, spend lessGet the most from your reward points

Combine your rewards to create the luxury travel experience of your dreams.

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