Giving Back

The Well Connected Traveller supports a number of different charitable organisations through funds donations and donations of services.

Ronald mcdonald house charities Ride for Sick Kids

Each year, we support the Ronald McDonald House Charities Ride for Sick Kids by arranging complimentary travel for the organisation’s VIPs, participants and sponsors.

Find out more about the RMHC Ride for Sick Kids


The privilege of making contact with local animals and wildlife is an important part of travel, but we also believe that animals should not be abused or exploited as a result of the travel industry. The Well Connected Traveller does not support tours, destinations or attractions that do not have the best interests of local animals and wildlife at heart.

We do not book travel that involves the following types of attractions:

  • Elephant rides
  • Tiger selfies
  • Walking with lions
  • Holding sea turtles
  • Performing dolphins / whales / seals
  • Luwak coffee plantation tours

For more information on how animals are often subject to abuse in the tourism industry, please visit 

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