como cocoa island maldives aerial view

Join us as we explore the tropical paradise of the Maldives through the eyes of our travel agent Sophie, who recently experienced the luxurious comforts and stunning beauty of the Como Cocoa Island and Como Maalifushi resorts.

At The Well Connected Traveller, we absolutely love being able to provide our clients with first hand travel experiences. Our travel consultant Sophie was recently invited to experience the renowned Como Cocoa Island and Como Maalifushi. Here, she shares her insights and experiences, highlighting why these resorts are among the finest luxury destinations in the Maldives.

Feature aerial view photo of Como Cocoa Island from comohotels.com

All other location photography taken by our consultant, Sophie Land 

Location and Accommodation

Nestled in the serene South Malé Atoll, Como Cocoa Island offers an exclusive retreat surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The island’s intimate and picturesque setting is perfect for couples seeking a romantic escape, featuring soft white sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs.

Como Cocoa Island over water boardwalk

Como Maalifushi boardwalk

In contrast, Como Maalifushi, located in the pristine Thaa Atoll, offers a larger, more versatile environment, ideal for families and adventure seekers with expansive beaches and lush greenery providing a stunning backdrop.

Sophie stayed in the iconic overwater villas, where comfort and luxury blend seamlessly. The villas are cosy yet spacious, with large bathrooms and private terraces that offer uninterrupted, tranquil ocean views.

Como Cocoa Island over water villa accommodation

Como Maalifushi over water villa accommodation

Dining Options

Both resorts feature the wellness-focused Como Shambhala menu, offering a variety of healthy and delectable dishes. Sophie raved about their signature ginger tea, and confessed that she couldn’t get enough of it. The diverse menu ensures there’s something for everyone, making dining a delightful experience. View the impressive dining options at Como Cocoa Island and Como Maalifushi.

Como breakfast experience

Como floating breakfast experience

Activities and Excursions

From snorkelling and sunset dolphin cruises to yoga and fishing, Como resorts offer a range of activities to keep guests entertained. Sophie found the private beach dinners and floating breakfasts to be especially delightful, creating unforgettable moments in the breathtaking settings. She particularly enjoyed her special excursion to a private island called “La Vidu” while staying at Como Maalifushi, which included a private lunch with her fellow travellers and an outdoor cinema under the stars. View the experiences at Como Cocoa Island and Como Maalifushi.


Spa and Wellness Facilities

The Como Shambhala spa experience was a highlight for Sophie. Despite not usually being a massage enthusiast, she was amazed by the signature treatments, describing them as “so calming, soft, and relaxing.” The serene atmosphere and exceptional service make the spas a must-visit.

Como Cocoa Island open air yoga studio

Lush jungle surrounds at Como Maalifushi

Sustainability Initiatives

Como Cocoa Island is committed to sustainability, engaging in coral restoration projects and using eco-friendly products. The Well Connected Traveller appreciates the resort’s efforts to educate guests on environmental conservation, noting how these initiatives enhanced Sophie’s perception of the resort. At Como Maalifushi, sustainability is also woven into every aspect, from its renewable energy sources to its dedication to protecting local marine life through conservation programs.


Accessibility and Logistics

Reaching Como Cocoa Island was seamless, with the resort manager personally meeting guests at the airport and providing a smooth transfer to the island. The sea plane transfer to Como Maalifushi was another highlight, offering spectacular views of the Maldivian atolls.

Sea plane flight experience

Our consultant Sophie (far right) and fellow travellers

Local Culture and Attractions

While Sophie didn’t have the opportunity to explore much local culture during her stay, she was deeply impressed by the warmth and hospitality of Maldivian people. She recounts a standout moment when her butler, noticing her sunburn one day, brought her some fresh aloe vera, demonstrating the resort’s commitment to exceptional service and those added special touches that made her feel extra welcome.


Overall Experience and Recommendations

Reflecting on her stay, Sophie highlights the signature massage at Como Cocoa Island and the private island experience at Como Maalifushi as standout moments. She recommends Como Maalifushi for its uninterrupted views, family-friendly activities, and private beach access with individual pools for each villa, while noting that Como Cocoa Island is perfect for couples seeking tranquility and romance due to its intimate ambiance. She notes that Como Maalifushi offers a broader range of activities and dining options, making it a preferable choice for families and larger groups.



At The Well Connected Traveller, we strive to connect our clients with extraordinary travel experiences. Como Cocoa Island and Como Maalifushi fully embody the luxury and beauty of the Maldives, offering unforgettable stays tailored to your desires.

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